Do any of these describe your experience in network marketing?

  • What is a Dream and how do I know what mine is?
  • How do I find people? What do I say?
  • Why is someone excited about my opportunity one day and gone the next?
  • Everyone is using Facebook. I feel like I should too, but I don’t know what to do.
  • There are days I feel like I don’t know what I am doing.

We know how you feel. Because we’ve been there. Build Your Team, Build Your Dream is the product of our more than 30 years combined experience in network marketing. And it’s not just our experience; several other network marketers and direct sales reps share their thoughts on key business buildings concepts.

In this book, you will learn…


Personal development requirements, such as:

  • What it means to have a Dream
  • How we connect to an opportunity emotionally, logically and visually
  • Having the wisdom and maturity to know who is right for your business and who is not
  • Understanding the root of objections and how to handle them
  • Building trust
  • Leading vs. Managing
  • Selflessly investing in others without guarantees
  • Not holding yourself responsible for another person’s success

How to master the steps of building a business, including:

  • Why network marketing is tailor-made for entrepreneurs
  • How to talk to prospects – what to say, what not to say
  • How to do a presentation that is other-people focused
  • Why follow-up is crucial
  • What is meant by duplication and why you need to master it
  • How to use social media and the internet effectively to market your business
  • And much, much, more!

What others are saying


About the Authors

Dave BradleyDave Bradley

Dave Bradley was born and raised in Manchester, England. Dave is highly experienced when it comes to dealing with people in the business and sporting world. He was a professional soccer player for more than 10 years, playing for Manchester United and Doncaster Rovers in England. He also played for Hellenic and Witz University in South Africa, and played and coached for Dunedin City and Manurewa FC in New Zealand.

Prior to starting his own network business, Dave was an insurance agent for five years with Australian Mutual Provident in New Zealand. In 1987, Dave started his network marketing business with the hope of becoming financially independent. By 1992, he was able to set up a residual income that allowed him to pursue his dream of helping others achieve the success they want.

Due to considerable success in his business, Dave was given the opportunity to travel the world mentoring business leaders and as a motivational speaker. Some of the countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

After 20 years of living in New Zealand, where he met his wife, Melony, they moved to her home town of Maumee, Ohio USA, with two of their children, Olivia and Mackenzie. Dave’s son, Andrew, lives in Manchester, England.

Dave has a strong interest in health and wellness and lives that out on a daily basis. He has a passion for leadership, people and personal development. He is a family man and prides himself on being the best husband, father and brother he can be. Dave is a committed Christian and attends www.thechurchonstrayer.com in Maumee, Ohio. The pastor is Dave’s father in-law, Tony Scott.

Dave would like to dedicate his involvement in the co-writing of this book to his mother, Marjorie, who lives in England and his late father, Graham, who died at age 48.


Rodney BrandtRodney Brandt

Rodney Brandt is a native of Defiance, Ohio, USA and the youngest of six children. He has worked in marketing and public relations since 1985 and in network marketing since 2001.

His professional background also includes administrative-level experience in intercollegiate athletics and child welfare. Rod is a published writer and frequent seminar presenter.

He and his wife, Lori, are co-owners of Covenant Marketing Services

, LLC. They have two children, Amanda and Cameron, and live in Maumee, Ohio, USA.

Rod is passionate about his Christian faith, business, missions and his own personal development.